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According to Proverbs 14: "A Wise Woman builds her house. But with her own hands, the foolish woman tears hers down." To be a Wise Woman, you must be (a) brave enough to learn the truth about the man you love, (b) confident enough to experiment with & apply what you learn to your own life, and (c) focused on soaking up & sharing the Goodness of God.

Why do husbands hate coming home from work? Jun 26, 2021

Your husband is late again. He finally walks in the door. But he’s not really there. You’re trying to get dinner on. And the kids are fighting. Again. Your husband doesn’t even notice. Much less pitch in to help. What can you do?

So why do husbands hate coming home from work?...

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5 reasons to be careful what you say Jun 01, 2021

Honest couple communication – especially between husband & wife – is essential for creating connection and lasting joy. But should you be able to say whatever you want to your mate?

I’ve always tried to be careful what I say to My Beloved. But many folks – mostly...

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A Wise Woman builds her house.

But with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. PROVERBS 14:1