A Wise Woman builds her house.

But with her own hands a foolish one tears hers down. PROVERBS 14:1

He needs you. That's a fact.

The Lord God said, "It's not good for the man to be alone. I will make an ezer kenegdo for him." Genesis 2:18

It's crucial that we remember ... the man was not created because the woman needed him; the woman was created because the man needed her. 1 Corinthians 11:9 TPT

So if what we're doing as women isn't helping our men become better, then maybe we should spend some time getting to know what God intends for us to do for them.

It's not about cooking, cleaning, or complaining. Nor about being his coach or executive assistant. You are created to be so much more valuable ... and to mean so much more to him!

Men are born to be our heroes.

Loving husbands and fathers. Yet I know what it's like to have neither. That is part of my own story. What happened to them?

Finding myself suddenly responsible for raising 3 sons alone made me intensely curious about men. So I went to college and got 3 degrees.

After years of study, I believe ...

If women only knew the truth about what breaks a man & what brings healing to his soul … we could change the world! (That's why I do this.)

Join me on a Journey of Discovery about who your man really is and the truth about your feminine value In this world. Let's keep learning together! Warmly, Dr. Debi

Longing to feel closer?

You know he's stressed out about something. But he won't say what's bothering him. You try to get him to talk.

Then he disappears into a cave. You believe God designed you to be there for him. But he shuts you out.

Sometimes he gets angry.
 For no apparent reason. You try to get him to settle down. But that makes matters worse.

If you're looking for answers, then you're in the right place.

Because being a Wise Woman means you're ...

  • brave enough to seek the truth about men &
  • confident enough to put that knowledge into practice.

We're here to support you on that journey.

Why teach Christian women?

About Our Founder

Dr. Debi is passionate about helping Christian couples & single adults apply biblical principles & the findings of research to everyday life.

She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) with a Minor in Applied Theology at Rosemead School of Psychology - Biola University.

  • As a Psychologist, Dr. Debi's expertise became the Psychology of Men & Marriage. She helped couples repair & renew their relationships for more than 20 years.
  • As a Professor, she taught university classes on this popular subject.
  • As her Ministry, she trains pastors, lay counselors, & mental health professionals to work more effectively with couples.

Our Message: Most marriage counseling ignores Scripture, research, or both. Dr. Debi uses research to understand the how & why of Scripture. She believes God Himself has a Plan for Romance and Marriage based on His Love. And that’s the foundation of her Message.

Our Mission: Most women don’t have a clue about men’s experience, & most men don’t know how to explain it. Dr. Debi's goal is to change that!

Resources for every stage of your journey


Insider inspirations uploaded from Dr. Debi's personal journal:

  • Whispers in the Desert
  • Life Lessons/Learning to Follow
  • Making Sense of Men
  • Your Feminine Strength
  • A Blessed Marriage

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Your Love Story Matters

It matters because it belongs to you. It’s what you know & where you live. Mostly, it matters to God.

What happened to you growing up matters. It's how you learned about Life & Love & God.

Your story has taught you a lot about who you are, & it’s taught you about other people.

Some of what you’ve learned is true. Some isn’t.
That’s what this book is about.

The Truth About Love
Be Brave. Be Confident. Be Focused.
Let's journey together!

A wise woman builds her house.

YOU are the Wise Woman.
Dr. Debi is your guide.

After years of teaching individuals & couples, seminars & courses, she shares it all with you so you can create a Beautiful Romance, too!

Tools & Support for Life & Love

 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
a woman who fears The Lord is to be praised.

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Biblically-Sound, Research-Based Coaching for Men, Women, & Couples

Most of our difficulties begin with miscommunication in relationships.

Dive deeper with private Zoom sessions. Because learning to listen & listening to learn are essential skills that can be especially difficult when one speaks "male" and the other speaks "female."

Not sure if coaching is right for you?

We totally understand your concern. You will want to do a quick Zoom chat with Dr. Debi first. If it's not a good fit for you, she will be happy to provide you with a referral.

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This class is giving me the opportunity to understand men more and to know that not all men are alike.

College Student

I've been telling so many women how your seminar & book saved my marriage. I'm so excited to share this life changing info with all the women in my life.

Workshop Attendee

Thank you, Dr. Debi, for providing a fun, informative evening filled with insight into the men in our lives and ways to improve our relationships. I only wish I had been aware of these simple tools years ago.

Workshop Attendee

Dr. Debi helped me see that I had expectations for my husband based on my own expectations for myself. I expected my husband, who is mentally wired differently, raised differently, processes differently, communicates differently and is even biologically built differently, to act like me, a female. Once I was able to realize those differences, I was able to listen and learn what HE needed from me instead of what I thought he needed. This new outlook opened up new conversations …

Coaching Client

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