A Wise Woman's Guide to Men & Marriage

A Wise Woman builds her house. Proverbs 14:1

She married one of the good guys.


At least she believed he was a good man when she married him. He was cute and funny. Super smart. Protective. He had purpose and vision. He was crazy in love with her. She felt special and beautiful, which made her heart skip a beat and her spirit sparkle. She was super excited to spend the rest of her life with her best friend.

But something changed. Slowly at first. She ignored it for a long time. Now she feels disconnected. Alone in her marriage. 

He's still a good guy. But why does he spend so much time at work? Why doesn't he want to spend time with her anymore? 

They no longer share their dreams with one another. Now their conversations are only about the kids ... or the next task on a never-ending list. 

Her friends don't know how unhappy she is. A few women in her social circle have shared their own complaints, which turned into all-out husband-bashing. That's not helpful. So she remains silent. Sad and confused. Aching and lonely. 

You are not alone.

Many women do not understand their husbands. And they know something isn’t right because their conversations are short, one word responses … they rarely laugh together anymore … they’re stuck in a monotonous routine of work, Netflix, bed … and there is no intimacy (and even if there is, it feels forced).

Her¬†husband isn‚Äôt a ‚Äúbad guy‚ÄĚ per se, but their relationship certainly doesn‚Äôt have the spark it once had.¬†And even though she couldn‚Äôt imagine getting a divorce, the thought has definitely crossed her mind.¬†

She wonders what life would be like

... married to someone who is excited to see her … spontaneously taking her out on a weekend getaway … or noticing that she just got her hair done … or doing a double take when she walks through the room in a new dress … or when she overhears him talking on the phone gushing about how proud he is of her working so hard on her business and persevering even when things get hard.

She feels a connection. 

And things may not be perfect, but she definitely feels like their relationship just keeps getting better and better.

If others can thrive in Life and Love, so can you!

I am passionate about helping couples and single adults discover ways to apply their biblical values and the findings of scientific research to everyday life and relationships. Yes, I love helping the boy win back his girl. But mostly ... I love helping the girl get what she wants. Which isn't nearly as complicated as the boy believes it to be. 

A Quick Start Guide to Understanding Men

 ... so you can get what you want without nagging, bribing, standing on your head to please him, dragging him to therapy, or anything else crazy.
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For me, your personal development is personal!

After closing my Clinical Psychology Practice, I decided to do something I’d always dreamed about. What had started out as a personal quest to discover the woman God created me to be, soon turned into a personal passion to understand the men in my life.

Then my passion led me to college and grad school, and a career helping women make sense of their husbands, even as they were growing more confident in who they are.

Now the same process I developed for my clients and students is an accessible Guide designed to help each woman get what she wants from her relationship, step into who she really is, and confidently show up in her own life and love like never before.

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We cannot be thankful enough for you saving our marriage (would seem almost impossible to most), and also to restoring it to much better than before the separation!


Dr. Debi is amazing! She is caring, understanding and highly educated. She has been given a gift of being able to understand men and provide tools for them to communicate their thoughts & feelings in a way that women can understand. It’s remarkable.


Dr. Debi helped me see that I had expectations for my husband based on my own expectations for myself. I expected my husband to act like a female. This new outlook opened up new conversations which have led to a level of depth that neither of us knew existed. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Debi for showing us the tools we need to love each other, respect each other, and take care of each other in the way that Christ intended us to.


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