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Dr. Debi's Blog for Wise Women

According to Proverbs 14: "A Wise Woman builds her house. But with her own hands, the foolish woman tears hers down." To be a Wise Woman, you must be (a) brave enough to learn the truth about the man you love, (b) confident enough to experiment with & apply what you learn to your own life, and (c) focused on soaking up & sharing the Goodness of God.

Married to a Warrior Nov 18, 2021

Being married to a Marine is hard because most Marines keep their armor on 24/7. Fact is, the same is true for most men, no matter their professions. They have all been trained to live as warriors. So what can a wife do?

Being married to a marine this is a tough marriage to cope with. There are...

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A Wise Woman builds her house.

But with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. PROVERBS 14:1